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Mission & values

As a reliable ship chandler we value all our customers and treat them with respect and dignity, entirely in line with our mission. We devise and offer fresh solutions with which we are constantly wishing to exceed the expectations of our customers. Unsurprisingly, then, NORDIS deems the following values to be of paramount importance:

1. Integrity, trust and respect

We take responsibility for our decisions and actions and we fulfil our obligations and agreements. We are loyal and ethical, therefore we trust one another and are alert to one another’s interests. We treat others as we want to be treated ourselves: with respect.

2. Teamwork

We are constantly looking for ways to help one another, in which we make no distinction between site, role or rank. In order achieve the objectives of vital importance to our company, we expect all our employees to work as a team. To this end, we put our experience into action wherever possible and we are always open to other ideas.

3. Innovation

We improve our processes, produce and solutions in a cost-effective manner, as a result of which we continue to be able to meet our customers’ expectations. Because we wish to provide our customers with added value, we are always wondering why we do things the way we do and how we can make our processes even more efficient.

4. Passion

We believe in our company’s vision, values and objectives and support them actively. We are dedicated to the success of our organization, loyal to our customers and our colleagues, with a sense of urgency.

5. Adaptability

We always appeal to the ability of our staff to adapt and to comply with the demands resulting from an environment in perpetual change.

6. Reputation

A reputation lasts a lifetime! joop

It takes a lot of energy and resources to get fresh raspberries or green beans outside the Dutch season on the ships. But that is not visible to the product. NORDIS helps you in making sustainable choices.

Before your fruits and vegetables end up in your store a lot of effort has been put into the cultivation, packaging and transport. Which is largely generated from fossil fuels and produces greenhouse gases. The space for farmland counts for the final environmental impact. On the products is not visible which yields the least environmental impact. We integrated our product list with the fruit and vegetable calendar of Milieu Centraal: it relates environmental classes to the total environmental impact of the production, transportation and packaging. Fruit and vegetables in environmental class A and B cause the least environmental impact, environmental products in Class D and E most.

The fruit and vegetable calendar of Milieu Centraal indicates per month and country of origin the environmental class of a product. The country of origin of a product is stated on both our website and invoice.