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Since time immemorial, the Netherlands has had a strong trading spirit. The ships of the Dutch East India Company brought wares to the Netherlands and the rest of Europe from all corners of the globe. The era of the Dutch East India Company is now firmly confined to the past, but the Netherlands still plays a prominent role in world trade and in the production and distribution of fruit and vegetables. NORDIS is delighted to be contributing to this success. Owing to the favourable geographic location of our company, we are capable of buying close to source.

Our services are focussed on being able to offer as wide and consistent a range of fruit and vegetables as possible. NORDIS knows the way to local, regional and international fresh-food markets and our business processes have been organized in such a way that storage and transfer is kept to a minimum. Due to our sophisticated logistics, you will always receive your order fresh. We are extremely confident that, in the field of fruit & vegetables, we have managed to achieve the fewest possible logistical layers between source and ship at present.

We have now built up a substantial customer base and we would like to welcome you as one of our customers too.

It takes a lot of energy and resources to get fresh raspberries or green beans outside the Dutch season on the ships. But that is not visible to the product. NORDIS helps you in making sustainable choices.

Before your fruits and vegetables end up in your store a lot of effort has been put into the cultivation, packaging and transport. Which is largely generated from fossil fuels and produces greenhouse gases. The space for farmland counts for the final environmental impact. On the products is not visible which yields the least environmental impact. We integrated our product list with the fruit and vegetable calendar of Milieu Centraal: it relates environmental classes to the total environmental impact of the production, transportation and packaging. Fruit and vegetables in environmental class A and B cause the least environmental impact, environmental products in Class D and E most.

The fruit and vegetable calendar of Milieu Centraal indicates per month and country of origin the environmental class of a product. The country of origin of a product is stated on both our website and invoice.