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Our working method

NORDIS attaches great value to the provision of information to its customers so as to increase the ease of ordering. On this website you will find all specifications of our produce: country of origin, class, content, size and weight. As a rule NORDIS operates an order turnaround time of just three working days and our weekly prices are valid from Saturday to Friday inclusive.

You simply place your orders through our online order system. As a result of this you are always kept abreast of the cost of your order and you are not faced with any surprises on receipt. With the aid of additional modules on this online order system, we can always provide your organization with various types of information. To this end, NORDIS uses from inONE. If desired, a B2B link could be implemented, resulting in you being able to send your orders straight to NORDIS digitally from your own (central) purchasing system.

NORDIS always checks your orders carefully. This way we can get in touch with you in the event of doubt about quantities, for example, or if produce that you normally order is not on your order. Prevention is better than cure.

At the auction and wholesale market our employees compile your order on roll containers. These are then repacked in folding crates and dispatched immediately, with interim storage and transfer being rendered superfluous as a result. Our produce is usually delivered to you in the freshest possible condition within 24 hours of dispatch.

You can view invoices online and download them as csv files. This gives you the option of reading our invoices into your own accounts system and carrying out checks and analyses in simple fashion.

It takes a lot of energy and resources to get fresh raspberries or green beans outside the Dutch season on the ships. But that is not visible to the product. NORDIS helps you in making sustainable choices.

Before your fruits and vegetables end up in your store a lot of effort has been put into the cultivation, packaging and transport. Which is largely generated from fossil fuels and produces greenhouse gases. The space for farmland counts for the final environmental impact. On the products is not visible which yields the least environmental impact. We integrated our product list with the fruit and vegetable calendar of Milieu Centraal: it relates environmental classes to the total environmental impact of the production, transportation and packaging. Fruit and vegetables in environmental class A and B cause the least environmental impact, environmental products in Class D and E most.

The fruit and vegetable calendar of Milieu Centraal indicates per month and country of origin the environmental class of a product. The country of origin of a product is stated on both our website and invoice.