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Driessen Food

Driessen Food is an overall supplier of fresh produce for gastronomy. The range, comprising fish, meat, meat products, game, poultry and dairy produce, has been being sold under the name Ready4fresh since June 2009: a wide range that fully satisfies the target group’s current demand.

A connecting theme of the range is ready2use (convenience) and naturally sound (sustainable and organic). Our specialists process, prepare and deliver Ready4fresh directly from the centrally located outlet near Utrecht. This is done in a working environment that is HACCP and ISO22000 certified and that complies fully with EU legislation and halal requirements.

NORDIS and Driessen Food have been working together for years in the field of sales and logistics. Driessen Food’s entire range is available to all NORDIS customers and can be ordered using the joint order system ( Christiaan Driessen and Michiel Heintz will be happy to tell you about the options (Tel. +31 (0)30 6592204).

It takes a lot of energy and resources to get fresh raspberries or green beans outside the Dutch season on the ships. But that is not visible to the product. NORDIS helps you in making sustainable choices.

Before your fruits and vegetables end up in your store a lot of effort has been put into the cultivation, packaging and transport. Which is largely generated from fossil fuels and produces greenhouse gases. The space for farmland counts for the final environmental impact. On the products is not visible which yields the least environmental impact. We integrated our product list with the fruit and vegetable calendar of Milieu Centraal: it relates environmental classes to the total environmental impact of the production, transportation and packaging. Fruit and vegetables in environmental class A and B cause the least environmental impact, environmental products in Class D and E most.

The fruit and vegetable calendar of Milieu Centraal indicates per month and country of origin the environmental class of a product. The country of origin of a product is stated on both our website and invoice.